Top 11 Weezer Songs

February 12, 2016

They’re simple; they’re raw; they’ve been around for over 20 years.  The band, formed in Los Angeles in 1992 has sold almost 10 million albums in the US alone and over 17 million albums worldwide.  Weezer, who released their latest album in September 2014, has had plenty of great songs.  Here are our favorites:

11 - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Receiving mostly positive reviews from critics, the 2009 song was the first single released from Weezer’s 7th studio album Raditude.  It peaked at #81 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

10 - El Scorcho

The song, which was considered a commercial failure, showcases what makes Weezer great: a rough recording.  The song has imperfections as well as an improvised feel.  Several radio stations refused to play this track.

9 - Island in the Sun

Considered one of Weezer’s greatest hits outside of the US.  It was originally not scheduled to be on the Green album.  The slower tempo song shows just how versatile Weezer can be.

8 - Hash Pipe

An example of a classic simple Weezer-ish gem; a simple riff with nerdy vocals.  The video features some fat sumo wrestlers? Genius.

7 - Beverly Hills

One of Weezer’s great sing-a-long songs.  It became one of those songs you could scream the chorus during the summer of 2005 (or maybe I was the only loser that did).

6 - Keep Fishin’

One word: MUPPETS (youtube it).  

5 - Undone - The Sweater Song

On their debut album, this song truly showed how rough and raw Weezer’s recordings can be.  It features imperfect vocals and harmonies, purposely; the song is filled with dissonance that can be heard in the main guitar riff.

4 - Buddy Holly

One of the original songs that put Weezer on the map.  The classic music video featured actual footage from the TV show Happy Days, including a dancing Fonzie.  “I don’t care what they say about us anyway.”

3 - I Am The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

A song that was truly ‘epic’ before the word ‘epic’ was cool.  In fact, it was so ‘epic’ that it was epically used in an epic skiing video. (check out this specific video)

2 - Troublemaker

One of the greatest 2-Chord songs ever.  A short 2:44, some say this song (along with others from the Red album) was influenced by rapper Eminem and his ‘fun’ rhyming style. 

1 - Say It Ain’t So

Mellow and smooth, This head-bobby song has a great guitar hook as well as the classic Weezer-esque opening verse sung in 2 octaves.  Having soft and mellow verses and a hard and driving chorus and bridge, this song one of Weezer’s best.

photo credit: Kolin Toney via photopin cc

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