The Highfields

May 18, 2017

You can immediately tell in the first few measures of "Good Vibes" that this musical duo is not one you want to miss. Mark your calendars: June 2 is when The Highfields release Volume 1 of their EP, titled "She Said, He Said"". -- (Volume 1 is the "She Said" part) -- Later in 2017, the "He Said" side of the EP will be released. Nate and Kaelie Highfield from the LA Area will each feature their unique musical talents on each of "their" Volumes of the EP.    Pretty cool.

Nate & Kaelie Highfield

Top to bottom, this Volume 1 of this EP is solid. The music flows well from track to track and offers tight harmonies and beautiful mixing. Kaelie's vocals are on point and the backing music itself is creative and well composed. As mentioned, each track of "She Said, He Said" Volume 1 is unique from the track before, but flows extremely well.

 Get a sneak peak of the first track right now: Good VIbes - Official Music Video:


That Feelin' - Funky, all the away around, this song is easily my favorite on the entire EP. Track #2 on Volume 1 of their upcoming album, please don't skip over this one.  The bass is tight and brings all of the elements of the song together; the catchy 70s vibe on this track makes you reminisce of the days when music made you feel good.

All in all, we feel lucky to have gotten a small taste of The Highfields' talents and cannot wait for Volume 2 of this EP to be released: "He Said".

So if you're looking for some new music to check out for the summer, please don't miss this 6-track EP release from The Highfields - "She Said, He Said" Volume 1.

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