Suburban Vermin

May 29, 2017

If you're into punk, like real punk, then you need to check out this trio from Seattle, WA. The self-described "eclectic indie punk" band is as authentic as it gets. The music is real; you can hear the passion break through on each song.

Suburban Vermin's upcoming album is being released in 4 issues, each containing 2 tracks: TV Head Nation: Issue #0 - Issue #3. Issue #0 was released earlier this year and Issue #1 will be released in July.  Check out their website for their release schedule and track downloads (in addition to touring schedule):


I had the opportunity to preview the 2 tracks from their upcoming release: TV Head Nation: Issue #1.:

Track 1: Die Miss America - Everybody loves a strong bass, and on this track, the strong bass sets the tone for the track. The song is great start to Issue #1 of TV Head Nation (releasing in July 2017). The song itself reminds me classic punk, back when music contained passion. Track 2: It's Over has a different feel, but is just as good. The ability to switch up lead vocals gives Suburban Vermin a unique edge.

TV Head Nation: Issue #1 is not one you want to miss. Mark your calendars: July 29, 2017 for this release.

Find Suburban Vermin on the web:

Check out Suburban Vermin's 2015 release "Headless Over Heels" on Spotify:


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