February 2, 2017
Check out the new artist Roosevelt, who released his debut album in August 2016.  The Cologne, Germany native’s sounds are cool, smooth, even dancy.  This self-titled album has a perfect balance of musical variety and repetition from track to track.  The musicianship is also on point, featuring some tight bass and synthesizer.  This debut album somehow combines vintage sounds with modern style perfectly.
The first track on this album that really caught my ear was actually one of the last ones on the album: #11 “Hold On”.  The overall vintage feel of the track (specifically the opening guitar and bass) immediately got my attention.


Being a personal fan of concept albums in general, especially classic concept albums, I feel that this Roosevelt album captures that idea.  In a music world of stand-alone singles, it refreshing to listen to a musician’s work that keeps its feel from start to finish.  His self described sound in his bio states the album is a "dazzling paradox of restless movement and calming repetition", a perfect description.


The entire album has such a cool vibe, mixing rock and pop with a twist of electro, Roosevelt’s unique vocals are spot-on as well.  The instrumental and vocal effects throughout give the album its “techno-meets-indie pop” feel. (as described on Roosevelt’s Spotify About page).



Colours is a great song that has that upbeat dancy feel as mentioned earlier.




On Sea, Roosevelt’s spacey vocals float from note to note.


Top to bottom, this is a solid album.  I am definitely looking forward to future releases from Roosevelt. Check him out on the web:

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