"I'm With You" - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

January 19, 2016
The Red Hot Chili Peppers: still more badass than most bands today- 

It’s hard to believe that these legends of rock are now over the age of 50... see them live, and you’ll soon realize how much ass they kick.

They’ve been rocking out for 30 years.... Yes, you read that correctly; 30 years...  what began as a group of friends looking to make their own unique sound has turned into the greatest rock band of their era.  Who can touch them?  They’re still selling out arenas globally.  What other rock band is doing that? (U2 maybe...)

Sure, they started out with a punky, hip-hoppy, ska feel (Out in LA), but they’ve grown into a full-blown, global phenomenon, writing their songs with a smoother touch, that’s fit for Top 40.  Their sound has grown with their audience, from an immature group of knuckleheads to.... well.... an older group of immature knuckleheads (see what i mean).

Their most recent full album, I’m With You sure didn’t bring a whole lot of positive attention, but for the fans that have been following steadily through the Californication and Stadium Arcadium years, this album fits right in.

I’m With You - Track by track


1)Monarchy Of Roses - a solid introduction to the album; gets you instantly involved with the song’s smooth transition, crystal clear sound, and damn, Flea makes that bass line sound so easy.

2) Factory of Faith - another solid song, which features a very jammy, drone, ‘effect-ed’ guitar... the end of this song is one of my favorite parts of the album.

3) Brendan’s Death Song - a tribute to one of the band’s close friends, Brendan Mullen... the music video is also a tribute... enough said.

4) Ethiopia - besides a very catchy chorus with tight harmonies, the first few seconds of the track feature Flea saying, “We’re rolling everybody.  It starts with bass.”  #hiddengem

5) Annie Wants A Baby - a change of pace for the album.... a slower song featuring harmonies and musicianship.

6) Look Around - a song that was adopted by sports media because of its catchy, clap-track, downbeat-driven feel

7) The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie - not my favorite track, but it was the first single released from this album... that could have been a better decision.  Maybe selected because it’s the most radio friendly?

8) Did I Let You Know - another okay song.... not my favorite, although a refreshing change of pace showcasing their ‘newer’ sound and feel.

9)Goodbye Horray - quite possibly my favorite track, well, only because as a bass player, Flea is one of the best to walk the earth.  His solo at the 1:54 mark is worth listening to about 40 times.

10)Happiness Loves Company - a poppy, happy song, again, with some tight harmonies and catchy piano and melodies

11)Police Station - If I had to pick one of the slower songs on this album that I love, it would be this one.  The song still moves along well.  It’s one of those songs you want to listen to on a rainy Friday night in the summertime.

12) Even You Brutus? - The classic sound of Anthony Kiedis ‘rapping’ (not quite rapping, but it could be considered spoken word) brings this song in, again, with a poppy, head-bangy feel.

13) Meet Me At The Corner - this smooth song features some nice rhythmic changes and some nice clean guitar (which is kind of rare in this album, most of the time, the guitar is in overdrive).

14) Dance, Dance, Dance - the album finishes with this song, but in my opinion, Track 13, Meet Me At The Corner would have wrapped it up a little better.

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