January 29, 2016
It was a complete accident that I came across Harlan..... but in hindsight, I am so glad I did.
He’s described as “Prince meets Genesis meets Gnarls Barkley”, which I did not quite understand at first, but after listening to his EP 1984 like 4 times over, I can see why.  His grooves are tight; his beats are funky; his vocals are smooth; the list goes on.....
The guy mixes funk, rock (his guitar skills are superb), with a ‘hip-hop feel’.  His sound is as original as they come.
If you’re looking for a smooth, funky groove, you must check out Harlan.

“Harlan’s music is filled with memorable hooks and stone cold grooves.”


“Hold your hand in the fire, hand in the fire, hand in the fire.”


Check him out online:



https://soundcloud.com/harlanla - LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC

http://www.harlanmusic.com/ (download his EP for free here)

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