Coldplay Top 5 Songs

February 11, 2016

Okay, I’ve admitted it before, so I’ll admit it again... I like Coldplay.  I like their poppy melodies, their transparent British accents, and their tight harmonic resolves.  I love their songs that make you want to close your eyes and drift away into a musical coma, forgetting about the things you that stress you out in the real world.

For some reason however, Coldplay is not a ‘cool’ band to like.  For some reason, the homophobic American popular culture has turned Coldplay into some sort of ‘you’re gay if you like __________’. 

So, in honor of the band Coldplay, here is list of our favorite songs:

(NOTE: we too are tired of the overplayed Clocks piano riff, therefore, you will not find that song on this list)

5 - ‘The Scientist’ - A Rush of Blood to The Head - 2003

(The only reason I’m writing this list is because I heard a “Glee” version of this song that made me want to cut my ears off; it was terrible)  This song, like many classic Coldplay songs, has that unique Coldplay feel: ‘it feels like you’re falling’.  The slow beat and strong melody prevents the song from dragging; the song’s changes also keep the listener engaged.  

4 - ‘Talk’ - X & Y - 2005

Nine notes; the guitar plays a nine-note riff that gets tattooed in your memory.  The mellow verses + the upbeat chorus create the perfect, classic Coldplay song.

3 - ‘Violet Hill’ - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends - 2008

A powerful beat and melody; this song drives from start to finish (simple, yet cool music video too)

2 - ‘Paradise’ - Mylo Xyloto - 2011

The beginning of this song tricked me into thinking it wasn’t Coldplay; the gritty, dirty bass synth in the beginning combined with Coldplay’s classic catchy melody, Paradisebecame an instant commercial and international hit.  Coldplay’s brilliant melody writing is evident in this classic.

1 - ‘Trouble’ - Parachutes - 2000

My introduction to Coldplay; I discovered the song while I was in high school.  The chord progressions are amazing.  For some reason, the song really reminded me of my favorite band at the time, Pink Floyd.  The sliding guitars, the slow, yet driving beat meld perfectly together; very ‘Pink Floyd-esque’.  This song is a perfect example of what made Coldplay great: a piano driven rock/pop band.

photo credit: Coldplay via photopin (license)

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